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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ATTENTION Physically Active Adults with CF:

We need YOU for an exercise study!

We are researching salt loss in sweat during exercise in the heat and the impact that this has on fluid and electrolyte balance.

Why participate?

You will gain valuable information about your hydration and electrolyte needs during exercise in the heat. You will also find out your aerobic fitness, your percent body fat, and your bone mineral density. By participating, you will help to uncover important research findings that may impact quality of life issues for CF patients. You will also be compensated $100 for your time.

In order to participate you must meet the following criteria:

Age 18-40 years
In stable clinical status with sound pulmonary function, and approved by a CF physician for participation in this study
Regularly physically active in aerobic exercise at least 90 minutes/week for at least the past six months
Willing to perform a maximal exercise test on the bike and have your body composition measured with a DEXA (low-dose X-ray) scan (first session)
Willing to perform a stationary bike ride (low to moderate intensity) in the heat up to ~ 2hrs in duration (second session)
Willing to have a flexible blood catheter inserted into arm vein for periodic blood collection during riding
Willing to swallow a pill-size sensor for body temperature monitoring
Willing to have two small (4 mm diameter) skin biopsies removed from the shoulder blade area under local anesthesia by a dermatologist

For more information please contact:

Mary Beth Brown, Exercise Physiology Laboratory
Georgia Tech School of Applied Physiology
(404) 713-1697 email:
Or Jeannie Peabody, Clinical Research Coordinator; Emory Cystic Fibrosis Center, 404-712-3930

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